Design your office with custom furniture

With all the events of the present day, thousands more are working from home and much more permanently. We have received a wide range of inquiries about our custom office furniture. Like any other furniture or space in your home, you want it to fit the function and needs of your space perfectly. Over time, like our tables, our custom office furniture has evolved from simple and straightforward to more complex, custom pieces. Bringing your thoughts to life is a fun process for us. 

What started as standard office furniture

To aid in the function of a table as a table, we added a pencil drawer, cord management, and moved the bases towards the loops. We will happily design a straight desk or can add filing cabinets, multiple storage drawers, cord cut-outs, monitor stands, etc. So while we can design a strong, functional desk, you can throw anything about us!

Office furniture and its function

One of the many perks of designing custom office furniture is that you can keep in mind your needs and how space will be used. Measuring and laying out space to visualize traffic flow, reflecting on the size of projects that will work on a desk, etc. At the time of designing the office furniture, all these topics can be addressed. Our pieces are made to order, so you will be the one to tell us the size, required function, and purpose. Whatever information and inspiration photo you have, we will design the pieces to fit your needs. So we are available to design your furniture which reflects your style and personality. 

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