Our Team



Can rightly be called the face of the company, heading the sales and marketing division, Mr. Gaurav Joshi is an MBA graduate from the Indian School of Business (ISB), puts all his fresh ideas and expertise in projecting the real picture of Woods Decor in front of the world out there. From being a local manufacturer to being an international brand, Team Woods have come a long way under the leadership and guidance of Mr. Gaurav. Reaching out to prospective clients, visualising their ideas, counselling them with the best possible products according to space and interior requirements, delivering the luxury products and follow up after sales for any issue, is the general process followed by Marketing team under mentorship Mr.Gaurav.



The founder and CEO of Woods Decor, had envisioned this idea way back in 1995, when he founded Continental Insulations Pvt. Ltd. which started taking up turnkey interior design and furnishing jobs. Having a master’s degree interior design and vast experience of 30+ years, he has been the torch bearer of the company and continues to guide the teams of all departments of the firm, making sure that quality standards and customer satisfaction remains the top priority, come what may!



Being one of the directors of the firm, Mr. Gupta takes care of the backbone of Woods Decor: Production. Once the ideas are discussed with the client, put on paper for execution, it only becomes a reality when executed with precision and paying utmost attention to the details. Being a professional expert in operations and management, Mr. Gupta makes sure that production standards are maintained as per international standards, which intern assures the best quality products. The same values are passed onto the entire team and the
future generations to follow.